Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hijab Outfit : Ruffle Purple

Scarf: simplygeeky 
Blazer: Rampage
Dress: Tenabang
Bag: Guess
Shoes: Rubi

*In 34 weeks of pregnancy*

So, last sunday I attend the hijab day event at Gandaria City. No, not because I'm one of that hijaber hijaber thingy hehehe but I wanna shop some of nursing wear hehehehe. Andddd... I got some... also my hubby bought me bag and wallet. He is become so nice day by day. I am not even want to buy wallet but he just force me to buy one hahahah... Such a cutie pie. I love you, didiii :* :*

And I am entering the GATE of 34 weeks of pregnancy, sometimes it is haunting me. I sometimes think about how to birth a baby, how much pain I have to feel and so on and so on... As every woman birthing baby, it means I am as a woman also can do that. I can pass that H day. InsyaAllah...

Please, dear kind reader pleaseeeee pray for me and my baby... Amin :")

See ya^^


  1. getting closer with the birth day of your baby siis. good luuuck :)) may you have a great son or daughter then